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DIN Type Solenoid Valve

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Company Name E. MC Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Zhejiang China
Business Type: | 1,2,6
Number of Employees:  
Main Products: nylon tube pneumatic hose high pressure hose hose industrial rubber ho

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Product Description

2V sereis direct acting solenoid valves are from 1/8"~1", supporting higher pressure 1.0MPa,with lower power consumption,very compact and cost effective.

Model 2V025-06 2V025-08 2V130-10 2V130-15 2V025-20 2V025-25
Working Medium Air,Gas,Water,Hot Water,Liquid
Type 2/2 Normal Close
Orifice(mm) 2.5 13 25
Cv 0.23 6.2 23
Joint Size 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Working Pressure 0-10Bar
Max.Pressure Resistance 11Bar
Note Seal Material:NBR/EPDM/VITON
Environment Temperature:0-65  
Max.Temperature For Media:NBR:80      EPDM:130      VITON:120   
Valve Body:Brass

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