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Company Name Zhejiang Ronze Valve Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Zhejiang China
Business Type: | 1,3,9
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Main Products: floating ball valve fixed ball valve oil seal ball valve floating valve

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Structural characteristics:
1. Metal bellow elastic cells can be self-adjusted between 65 and 110, also can be manually adjusted under discharge temperature.
2. It can exhaust automatically without air binding. Fluctuation of pressure won't affect the normal operation of drain valve.
3. All the internal components of the valve are made of stainless steel, , with strong anticorrosion and long service life.
4. Straightthrough type, angular type and flange connected type are available with small volume and convenient installation. It can be installed at any angle.

Main Functions:
The valve is widely used in heating equipment. By using thermal energy, it is especially applicable for steam thermal pipeline.

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