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Solenoid Valve

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Company Name E. MC Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Zhejiang China
Business Type: | 1,2,6
Number of Employees:  
Main Products: nylon tube pneumatic hose high pressure hose hose industrial rubber ho

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Product Description

As the professional 2/2, 3/2 solenoid valves manufacturer, E. MC pneumatics & hydraulics has a wide range of solenoid valves designed in different structures supporting for different pressure, different temperature, different medium, different sizes, different condition...Widly used in many area of the industry control systems.

High Pressure: SLG5404 series
High Temperature: US series
Angle valve: EMC015 series
Mini Valve: G series
Anti-explosion Valve: UW-E series
Volume valve: PUT series
Plastic valve: SLC, 2P, ESP series
Under water valve: EDF series
Electro-magnetic valve: EMCF valves


And we EMC have strong R&D ability, just tell us what you need, and E. MC will develop the exact product in 50 days.

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