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UPVC Butterfly Valve DIN ANSI JIS Standard

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Company Name Tianjin Runke Plastic Tech Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Tianjin China
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Main Products: pvc valve pvc butterfly valve pvc check valve pvc foot valve pvc ball valve

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CPVC, FR-PP / PP-G, PP-R, PVC Butterfly Valve Level Series with DIN, ANSI, JIS,CNS, Specification: DN50-DN200 ( 2"- 8" )

DN50 - DN150 is PN10; DN200 is PN6


Low Torque, Excellence Appearance, High-Strength, Corrosion Resistance, long Life

European-Style, Exposed Tooth Plate, Positioning Accuracy

Extra-Wide Handle, Department Handles Inlaid with Metal Stem Bushing Connection

Tri-Lock Lever Handle, Sturdiness and Durability

Butterfly Disc Rib Design, Transmission System to Ensure Safety

Patented Technology, the Body With the Seat Seal Mounted to Ensure that Low-Torque, More Convenient to Replace


By Standard JIS, CNS DN200-8" Butterfly Valve Flange Hole 12-Dia.23, P. C. D Dia.290

Dia.2 Design Standard ISO5211

PVC Butterfly Valve
PP-G / FR-PP Butterfly Valve

PP-R Butterfly Valve
PVC Non Actuator Butterfly Valve
PVC Penumatic Butterfly Valve
PVC Underground Butterfly Valve

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