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Pneumatic Flange Ball Valve

  • MOQ:15
  • Delivery Period:15 days
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Company Name Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Zhejiang China
Business Type: | 1,2,9
Number of Employees:  
Main Products: stainless steel alloy thread welding flange

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1. Unique design and besutiful apparance
2. High platform structure and connectin to ISO 5211, making installation of electric/pneumatic actuator more pofessional
3. For the valve body is overlaid with reinforced bar, it can bepermanently used in cauctic media, keep itself from cracking and avoid the failure of parts of valve during installation
4. Grinding process of valve stem to reduce the moment of electric/pneumatic valve during assembly and make it runmore flexible
5. The body of carbon steel ball valve is phosphate coated, fast to light, rustless, durable and beautiful

  • Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd.
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