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Full Welded Ball Valve

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Company Name Baiqiang Valve Group Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Zhejiang China
Business Type: | 2,4,7
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Main Products: check valve solenoid valve pvc ball check valv gas valve butterfly valve

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1. Fully welded body; (6D and CE approved)
2. Full bore or Venturi reduced bore;
3. Welding ends, flanged ends or weldding&flanged ends;
4. All forged steel body and trim;
5. Fire safe designed and antistatic device;
6. Ball trunnion-mounted in the body;
7. Stem detachable from the ball and blowout resistance designed;
8. Double stem seal with outer gasket replaceable when body is under pressure;
9. Bi-directional (All-tightening) or Single-directional(Self-relieving) seats;
10. Double Piston effect seating(Bubble-tight seat seals);
11. Metal-to-metal and/or soft ball composite sealing;
12. Emergency seals for stem and seat providing a full-contained sealant injection back-up system;
13. Double block and bleed(DBB);
14. Nickel plating and/or chrome plating for carbon steel trim;
15. Low operating pure torque.

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