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Back-Flow Safety Valve

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Company Name Shanghai Datian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Shanghai China
Business Type: | 1,3,9
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Main Products: coagulator antioxidant preservative emulsifier sweetener

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Datian valve provides the API Series Safety Valve, Spring Loaded Full Lift Safety Valve, ANSI Series Safety Valve, Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Brass safety valve, Bellows Type Series Safety Valve, Pilot Operated Safety Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, ANSI Spring Loaded Safety Valve, High Performance Safety Valve, Double spring loaded safety valve, Single lever safety valve, Liquefied petroleum gas, back-flow safety valve, Stainless steel Safety Valve, High Temperature and High Pressure Safety Valve, welcome to Datian valve.

Detailed Product Description:

This safety valve is mounted on the liquidoid refluence pipeline of the pan pump's outlet of the Liquefied petroleum gas station, when front pump pressure exceeds the stipulated value, the Valve will open auto matically and lead to safe return of the liquid so that ensures the safe Operation of equipments and pipelines.


1)Size: DN10mm - 600 mm(NPS 1/2"-25");
2)Pressure: 0.06 Mpa~42.0Mpa( 150lb~2500lb);
3)Material of body: WCB, WC6, WC1, WC9, ZGCr5mO, ZG15Cr1Mo1v, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 12CrMoV,

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