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Cam Flex Control Valve

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Company Name Shanghai Datian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Shanghai China
Business Type: | 1,3,9
Number of Employees:  
Main Products: coagulator antioxidant preservative emulsifier sweetener

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Product summarize
The type of TV1000 cam flex control valve has a novel structure. The center of turning circle of core isn't the same as rotated concentricity in order to reduce abrasion of seat and prolong using life. Diversion wing is setted up on rear core to steady flow of fluid. Otherwise, it has many advantage such as big flow \widely regulating range.

Technical parameter and performance
Type: Cam-flex valve
ND: 25\40\50\80\100\125 \150\200\250\300mm
1 \1.5\2\ 3\ 4\ 5\ 6\ 8\ 10\ 12inch
NP: PN 16\25\40\100*\
JIS 10\20\30*\40K*\
Notice: *used in DN25\40\50 valve
Connection type: Flange or wafer
Up cover: Become a whole with body
Gland type: Bolt impacting type
Stuffing: PTFE of V type\graphite stuffing
Subassembly of inside valve
Core type: Core of cam-flex valve
Seat: Impacted seat

Body material A216-WCB A351-CF8M
Disc material SS316 SS316
Stem material SS316 SS316
Seat material SS316 SS316
Seal ring material Flexible graphite Flexible graphite
Back ring Silicon rubber Silicon rubbe

Membrane material: Neoprene nipped nylon
Spring range: 80~200KPa
Air feed pressure: 300 KPa/340 KPa
Supplier interface: RC1/4"
Environment temperature: -20~+70 celsius degree.
The type of valve acting: Direct action(Air to valve shut) or Reverse action(Air to valve open)
Attachment: Localizer\reducer of air filter \keep location device *\journey switch *\transport *\hand wheel organ and so on
(*Illustrate details when need to order)

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